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Summertime Ratatouille *

Time: 45 min, prep to table Serves: 2 as a main, 4 as a side This classic French stew is cooked …

Squash beetle feeding on zucchini plant. Photo by Lisa Rayburn

Squashing the Squash Beetles

Think those are ladybugs crawling around the zucchini? Put on your specs and look again: you might be infested …

July Tips and Tasks

Landscape Remember to water according to plant needs. Vegetables and newly established plants require more frequent watering than established …


Aquatic Plant ID & Control

Do you have your aquatic pesticide applicator license and need credit hours? Do you have a pond and want …

Site plan

Landscape for Life

When: The class will be held on six consecutive Wednesday evenings, beginning on July 11 from 6-8 pm and …

Cover photo for June Tips and Tasks

June Tips and Tasks

Lawns Fertilizer centipede and St Augustine lawns at a rate of ½ lb. nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. which is …

Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden

Basil downy mildew

Basil Downy Mildew

The identification and management of basil downy mildew is discussed in this factsheet.

Monilochaetes infuscans.

Sweetpotato Scurf

This factsheet describes the identification and management of sweetpotato scurf.

R. stolonifer Sporangia

Rhizopus Soft Rot of Sweetpotato

This factsheet covers the identification and management of Rhizopus soft rot of sweetpotatoes.

Dark, dry lesion on sweetpotato typical of black rot caused by C

Black Rot of Sweetpotato

This publication covers the identification and control of black rot in sweetpotatoes.

Late blight on leaves

Tomato Late Blight

This factsheet describes the identification and treatment of tomato late blight.

Photo of lesions on a potato and a stem.

Potato Late Blight

Potato blight, the pathogen best known for causing the Irish potato famine, is described in …

Botrytis on tomato stem

Botrytis Gray Mold of Tomato

This factsheet discusses the identification of Botrytis gray mold, a fungus of tomatoes.

Lettuce drop symptoms

Lettuce Drop

This factsheet discusses the identification and management of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Sclerotinia minor, a fungal …