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Onslow County Extension Holiday Wreath Sale

HOLIDAY WREATH SALE 2015 Onslow County 4-H, Master Gardeners and Extension & Community Association are pleased to offer 26-inch fragrant wreaths …

Kate HoltCounty Extension Support Specialist, Agriculture

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Victims of Hurricane Matthew that took place beginning on October 4, 2016 in parts of …

4 days agoEastern Forestry Notes

2016 Quick Guide to Forestry Herbicides Used for Softwood and Hardwood Site Preparation and Release

A quick guide providing commonly used herbicides used in forest site preparation and release treatments. …

5 days ago

North Carolina Lumber Production, Consumption, and Revenue Trends, 1998 to 2013

This publication provides information regarding lumber production by North Carolina manufacturers over a 16-year time …

2 weeks ago

Elongate Hemlock Scale

This publication describes the symptoms, life cycle and control of the elongate hemlock scale, a …

3 weeks agoChristmas Tree Notes

Balsam Twig Aphid on Fraser Fir

This publication describes the life cycle, scouting and treatment of the balsam twig aphid, a …

Managing Backyards and Other Urban Habitats for Birds

This publication describes how homeowners can create backyards and other urban habitats that attract a …

9/21/16Urban Wildlife

How to Rapidly Inventory Scattered and Piled Forest Harvest Residue

Forest harvest residue (FHR) is an important environmental component, but how do you measure it? …


Benefits of Using a Consulting Forester

Many forest landowners can benefit from the use of a consulting forestry professional. Most often …