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EPA’s definition of Environmental Education:

“The goal of environmental education is to increase public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues, and to provide the public with the skills needed to make informed decisions and to take responsible actions. Environmental education enhances critical­ thinking, problem  solving, and effective decision ­making skills. It also teaches individuals to weigh various sides of an environmental issue to make informed and responsible decisions. Environmental education does not advocate a particular viewpoint or course of action.”

This definition fits in very well with the mission of North Carolina Cooperative Extension, which is “to help individuals, families, and communities put research-based knowledge to work to improve their lives.”

Just how long have environmental rules and regulations been in effect in the US?

Well, it turns out that they have been around for quite awhile...

“There shall be no man or woman dare to wash any unclean linen, wash clothes, nor rinse or make clean any kettle, pot, or pan or any suchlike vessel within twenty feet of the old well or new pump. Nor shall anyone aforesaid, within less than a quarter mile of the fort, dare to do the necessities of nature, since by these unmanly, slothful, and loathsome immodesties, the whole fort may be choked and poisoned.”
Governor Gage of Virginia, Proclamation for Jamestown, 1610

Summertime Health Reminder:

While working outside during the hot days of summer, remember to watch for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The Heat Index chart (in July ’08 newsletter) indicates how the apparent temperature – what it feels like to your body – changes relative to changes in air temperature and humidity.

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