Rain Barrels: Available Now!

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Rain barrels will be available at the Onslow office of N.C. Cooperative Extension on November 20, 2020. These roughly 50-gallon food-grade rain barrels come complete with screened inlet, brass faucet, and 1.5-inch overflow outlet. Catch and use some of the rain that nature provides. It’s great for your plants and the environment. Rain barrels also make great gifts.

The cost is $60 for a ready-made, black, unpainted rain barrel. If desired, the rain barrel can be easily painted to either stand out or blend in with its surroundings. A couple of examples are shown in the image below. There are numerous websites that provide instructions for rain barrel painting.

Our painted Rain Barrels will be available at the Onslow County Farmer’s Market starting April 10th, 2021. They are available to purchase at our office now! The painted Rain Barrels are $90 and we use the extra $30 to improve our programs.

Painted rainbarrels

Two examples of painted rainbarrels

Do you want a rain barrel, but you don’t want to buy one that is already made? The rain barrel handout includes a parts list, if you wish to construct your own version:

Rain Barrel information handout

Order form

Call our office at (910) 455-5873 for additional information.