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Southeast Regional on-Site Waste Water Training Center

In December, 1997, construction of the Southeast Regional On-siteWastewater Training Center located at the Bolivia Government Complex (Brunswick Co.) began. The main funding for this project was through an EPA 319 grant. EPA 319 projects are “demonstration projects” intended to show people what can be done to address non-point source pollution.

On-site wastewater treatment systems include such things as conventional septic systems, low pressure pipe systems, peat filters, recirculating sand filters, aerial fill (mound) systems, drip irrigation, and spray irrigation systems for the treatment and dispersal of household wastewater.

The purpose of the site is to provide a training location for health department personnel, subsurface system operators, septic system installers, septic system inspectors, and realtors; as well as to provide a display of various wastewater treatment systems for general education activities. Individuals from several state, county, and local agencies have worked at developing the site. The donation of materials by several manufacturers was greatly appreciated. The following photographs show some of what has taken place. These systems DO NOT use waste water in their operation. They are shown above-grade for demonstration purposes only!!

Photo Index:
1: A field of dreams? 2: The digging begins
3: An old drainfield is exposed
4: Placing a tank 5: Placing a pump tank 6: Checking placement
7: A split tank (oops!)
8: Plastic tank display
9: Floating tanks
10: Floating tank closeup
11: Anti-flotation measures 12: Peat filter placement
13: Peat filter display
14: Brunswick Bed 15: Pressure Manifold
16: Conventional system
17: Gravel-less trenches 18: Low Pressure Pipe (LPP)
The site was dedicated on 10/13/98. Since then, numerous classes and trainings have occurred. Here are some photos from the 2008 classes:
19: Classroom work
20: Classes at stations
21: Going into details
22: Drip system class
23: Drip system class II
24: Drip system class III
25: Faulty drip emitter
26: Panel boxes
27: Float trees
28: Open pump tank
29: Open peat filter 30: Another type of peat filter
31: Checking head pressure
32: Flushing a LPP line 33: Operating pressure manifold

Dr. Diana Rashash
Area Specialized Agent – Water Quality/Waste Management
4024 Richlands Hwy.
Jacksonville, NC 28540
(910) 455-5873