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Free Courses for Teachers and Students Ages 13 or Above

In these uncertain and challenging times, our thoughts are with our community of friends and fans around the world. You have always been there to bolster us with love and support as we carry on with our mission to save the world’s species through education, conservation, and research. We are a community, and we want to make our educational resources available to teachers and students when they need them the most.

For eight weeks, we will provide teachers and students ages 13 or above complimentary access to our Animal Species on-line learning modules, offering different topics every week. The following is the schedule. During each week, the modules listed will be provided at no cost.

Upcoming 2020 modules:

  • March 30–April 5: Cats
  • April 6–April 12: Mammals
  • April 13–April 19: Monkeys
  • April 20–April 26: Primates
  • April 27–May 3: Bears
  • May 4–May 10: Birds
  • May 11–May 17: Reptiles
  • May 18–May 24: Marsupials and Monotremes

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