Best Methods to Follow When Submitting an Email Photo for Aquatic Plant ID

— Written By Diana Rashash

Parrotfeather, duckweed, and pennywort

It can be very frustrating when trying to get an aquatic plant identified by emailing a photo – both for you and the person receiving the photo. This short, 5-minute, video discusses the “dos and don’ts” of such photographs, while presenting some of the aquatic plants in our area. In particular:

  • Take good, clear photos
  • Scale is important
  • Close-up views are important
  • Seedheads can be vital
  • What to do for submersed plants
  • How to show algal blooms
  • Photo gallery of some common aquatic plants in eastern NC

This information can be particularly important right now, as aquatic plants emerge from dormancy and there are issues with either conducting site visits or bringing samples to N.C. Cooperative Extension offices.