Cape Fear River – Let Us Count the Benefits!

— Written By Diana Rashash

All too often, the benefits of our waterways are unknown or under-appreciated. Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published a report on the Community Benefits of Conserving the Cape Fear River Basin. The 1-page paper points out the benefits of jobs, income, various economic activities such as tourism and fishing, and clean drinking water. According to the paper, recreational fishing represents a benefit of $31 million to the local communities. On the flip side, one water utility spends roughly $1,000 per day to treat algal blooms.

The Cape Fear River Partnership is a group of agencies and public entities who are looking at ways to preserve, protect, and promote the Cape Fear; especially the fisheries. For more information, check out the Partnership’s action plan, which was developed in 2013. General information about the Cape Fear River Basin is located on the EE-NC Cape Fear page.