Kudzu Bugs

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The first report of kudzu bugs swarming on residential structures have arrived this week. This movement out of the soybeans fields and into residential areas was anticipated; kudzu bugs were expected to move in the fall as they search for areas to overwinter. Light-colored surfaces are particularly attractive to kudzu bugs but they will also congregate on brick or dark colored siding. People are understandably concerned that these small bugs will make their way in to homes and other structures.

Controlling kudzu bugs is not an easy task. Preventive sprays on the exterior of buildings are not recommended because they aren’t long lasting enough to provide control throughout the migration season. If you must treat, it is most effective to directly spray bugs that are gathered on outdoor surfaces. Many companies make insecticides to kill insects on contact in and around the home. These products are readily available at local home and garden retailers. However, it is likely that new kudzu bugs will quickly re-infest the site.

For longer term control, focus on physically excluding the small bugs by sealing gaps and openings (like those around utility lines and making sure that weather stripping around doors and windows is secure). Avoid crushing kudzu bugs that do make it indoors because they emit an unpleasant odor.

Read the following link for more information on kudzu bugs and their control: https://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes/Urban/kudzubug.htm

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